Couple Counselling, with my colleague Jessica Nelson

When the honeymoon is over …
there begins the real work of forming a durable relationship. Some time later, often many years later, the troubles may begin, which can include: problems talking openly to one another; conflicts which are difficult to resolve; constant rows; differing sexual needs; the struggle with intimacy; infidelity and issues of trust; anger and hurt; factors like money problems putting a strain on the relationship.

What is Couple Counselling?
Couple counselling can help by providing time away from your home in a neutral, welcoming and safe environment, where you, the couple, can explore your difficulties, and where you can be helped to clarify how you think, feel and act in your relationship.

In the couple counselling, you can learn to speak and listen to one another in a more constructive way, to express and appreciate each other’s wants and needs, to negotiate difficult decisions, maybe to restore the love, respect, trust and enjoyment which you once knew. And if, as a couple, you decide to separate or divorce, then emotional support can be given, in the couple counselling, through what may be a painful process.

Working together
For couple counselling, psychotherapists David England and Jessica Nelson work as a team. One of the couple has regular psychotherapy with David and the other has regular psychotherapy with Jessica.

About every four weeks we come together for a 90-minute couple counselling session, attended by the couple and by David and Jessica. The four of us explore together the issues which are challenging the relationship between you.

Working this way, we support both the relationship between you and each of you as individuals. In the individual sessions, each of the couple can explore separately what you perceive the underlying issues to be, what expectations you may have brought into the relationship from your own family backgrounds, and what you hope to achieve through couple counselling. You are able to explore your own issues, reflect on what happens in the relationship, and review the outcome of the latest couple session.

Your Next Step?
If you live in the Berkshire, South Buckinghamshire, and South Oxfordshire area, your next step is to contact me to find out more about couple counselling.