Psychospiritual Psychotherapy

I was trained in Psychosynthesis, which is a psychospiritual psychotherapy.

Whilst psychotherapy is partly about dealing with the impact of past experiences upon the present, psychospiritual psychotherapy also includes what is emerging in your life, what the future may hold for you.

Psychospiritual psychotherapy can be exciting, enriching and transforming. It can be a catalyst for profound change in your experience of life :

  • By growing as a person and finding qualities in yourself you didn’t know were there.
  • By discovering and realising your potentiality more and more.
  • By gaining insight into your unique purpose, the meaning of your life, and the values which inform and inspire it.

The basis of psychospiritual psychotherapy is the idea of life as a journey of increasing fulfilment, self-realisation and joy.

Please, contact me to find out more about the psychospiritual aspect of psychotherapy.